Sabine hills and Sabina map

Sabina itself can be broken up again into various areas, the Tiber valley, Rieti, low Sabina and high Sabina. High Sabina produces some of the best olive oil, due to the high altitude and steep, rocky landscape.

The Sabine hills are a chain of mountains in Sabina that lie between the river Tiber in the west and the town of Rieti in the east (although closer to the eastern Rieti side). The river Nera flows in the north, and the river Aniene in the south. The highest peak in the Sabine Hills is Monte Pellecchia, at 1365 metres.

We have shown a transparent shape to give you an idea of where Sabina is. It is really just an idea though, Sabina is an area which is really quite difficult to define, due to its historical roots. (See history of Sabina) We have also shown various villages, castles, monuments and museums in Sabina, as well as some places to stay Click on the buttons on the top left to zoom in and out. Click on a bubble for the link to a page with information about the place.


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